The eFX Mark IX Tricorder (TR-590) [02042010 1700]

As soon as I heard that the Mark IX Tricorder by Master Replicas has been cancelled, I was

very disheartened with the news. Then, Master Replicas was gone. Well, not entirely as

some of the MR staff formed a new company called eFX. And their first project was to

pick up where Master Replicas left off. And so, Life was worth living again.


And so, when eFX opened its registration on September 2009, I quickly registered and as luck would have it, I was one of the first 250 customers who will get a very nice Tricorder holster with their order. And let me tell you this, this is not my first Tricorder.


As this is the signature edition, eFX asked Brent Spiner, the actor who played Data, to sign on the plaque as well. The Tricorder first appeared in the Star Trek Series Deep Space Nine before appearing next in Star Trek Voyager. Then it made it to the big screen; Star Trek:Insurrection (or was it First Contact?) where it was used by Data to scan for evidence in a lake. The Mark IX (TS-580) replaces the Mark VII (TR-580) which was still my favourite.


Opening the Box

Please note that when you open the box, do not use a blade to slash it open. Depending on your luck, there is a small booklet located at the top of the box.

The polystyrene box comes in two parts and are secured by four paper locks. Oh, please do open all the locks and boxes slowly. Its packed very tight too.

Some of the contents of the box. Not in the picture are Mr. Spiner's signature, warranty card, instruction booket. I used the white paper for background so you can see some of the black items better.

Opening the booklet, you just slide the two edges out and it will reveal this wonderful COA display. Everything is wrapped in thin tissue-like paper and so, you have to be very careful as they tear easily.


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