How not to test ESD

One of my friends just showed me this video. No, I do not test equipment like him. That’s why I am still alive…This is the time he has started to get more viewers

Star Trek on 8TV’s Quickie.

OK, so I stayed up all night just to catch the guy’s 15-minutes of fame. It was a very short ‘interview’ session about Trekkies and Star Trek in General. Sure, I would like it to be more extensive and all but hey, this is not my show. It would be nice if they highlighted working […]

Prototype Viper from Bruce’s Domain

Here is a earlier video from Bruce’s Scale Modeling Domain. These are the Prototype Vipers fitted with the prototype circuit boards. The main delay was that while I was trying to secure more funds (which is not easy when you’re unemployed), my 11-year old Notebook decided to start pushing the daisies. It took me quite […]