The Beast so far

OK, with a heavy heart, I have committed to the manufacturer to do the ceiling PCBs and I will get them in two weeks time. Its quite expensive and I really need to recover the cash asap before my Wife finds out and before our actual Family trip in August. However, there are two other […]

The Pegasus Lighting test

After so many months and weeks have passed by, I just took another look at the electronics and to be very honest, I am not satisfied with the quality of the lighting. But please do not jump to conclusions that this is THE lighting system. What I am showing you is the core of the […]

Should I stay or should I go?

The last time I was there at their Warehouse Sale, I missed Bandai’s Shinkai 6500. At that time, I was severely out of money since I was not working. Litt Tak’s Warehouse Sale has a lot of stuff but mainly, it attracts a lot of Gundam fans looking for models on the cheap.