The Mk.I Viper is coming!

Just a heads up, this is from Bruce’s Scale Modeling Domain. And to be honest, I am very excited to see this ship in my hands. The reason is, I want to see if my Starfighter electronic lighting system can be fit into this model or not. Then for once, I would be ‘just in […]

A Dream about a PCB Printer

I forgot to tell you all that I had a very exciting dream this morning. Usually, after a few minutes, my Dreams would fade away but not this one. I can still remember the important details even 15 hours later. I Dreamt that I was somewhere in Pasar Road and I saw this amazing printer […]

Italeri’s 1/35 20′ Military Container

Woohoo! Finally, a plastic styrene version and I do not have to worry about looking for that elusive resin kit that came out years ago. But, for the price of about 17.5 Euros, it is steep. Still, I don’t mind getting one, or two, or ten, or, heck 20 if it comes my way. I […]