The 32mm Fighter Pilot: Update 31082013

Here is another update for Lee Jae Chi’s 32mm figure. He has started on the arms and I do like the shoulder pad although in an aircraft, it might be too cumbersome in the pilot seat. Maybe its the lighting but there is something about the cheekbones making her look a bit more manly. Still, […]

Iron Man Mk.III Battle Damage by Becky Law

I would like to introduce you guys to the talented Ms. Becky, who, in among the modeling circles over here, is very good at customising figures and models. She does a lot of commissions and so, if you have any models you would like Professionally done, she’s the one for you. And she’s already very […]

Pegasus Update

OK, I know you guys are waiting for this and also some of you have asked me regarding the delay. I will explain this to you all and I hope you will understand the situation: The main problem now is sourcing the obsolete LEDs which is crucial for the four Landing Bays. Since they’re hard […]

The 32mm Fighter Pilot

More progress from the sculptor Lee Jae Chi today. After some comments on the Forum, he has reshaped the breasts but methinks, it should be much more closer since costumes like that tends to make them closer. I can’t wait to see how this progresses. I am very sure it could be used in a […]

Coming Soon!

This is the Box art of Moebius’s 1/32 Mk.I Colonial Viper which should be coming out very soon. And it also features a bonus Ralph McQuarrie art print. Me, I am just happy that it has recessed lines![0]=AZVz9GM9y7SclvFJS-AR57FEhWXz5dxnqeDpG0iAYN990KdMmgTdOLveS5ZnvNsNbA-_l30jTdalGTIskjJH-Int33_rGNruB-OHw1HZ3OyvVI8oac2sNC-LfPUuRbwY8w3OX5VLXadrprSorS7l48MpJxVhRQTF679ZG6q-jZ5HcA&tn=%2CO%2CP-y-R