22092013: The Wraith Update

I missed Lee Jae Chi’s update three days ago and judging from his progress, this is a real killer sculpt!https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10151645015901451&set=gm.10153310306400347&cft[0]=AZUsf-u0s-UHZHckzOwzFwFEM9bDLKtY_88YSyywzCRwql2dZhWtcFTyM-atG5Hf07uyeodeI9f0b4JCIzR3i-BqQHnN_KUB6Zaxmn10uhQM7I9yh1BSMzqKjCVxV72dPhiy-bVHoQ4porDu2HZfxHEpQqf3DjA3EjDF66anCHSblQ&tn=%2CO%2CP-y-R

1/35 Diorama items from Meng

Whoa. This is something new to me. 1/35 scale Water bottles, beer bottles, nuts & bolts and even tyres from Meng! For a company coming from China, this is very impressive. When they came out with the 1/35 Toyota 4×4 last year, it took everyone by surprise. So, yeah, Bruce, this was what I wanted […]

Daniel Du.Faur’s Oblivion Bubble ship

Folks, its going to come out soon!!!Now, a little bit of reasoning why I loved Tom Cruise’s Oblivion and if you guys have other opinions, that’s fine by me too. After immersing myself in Mangas such as Appleseed, and animes at that time, I actually have a fantasy of living in a post apocalypse World […]