GBWC 2012 Comments from Master Kawaguchi

Thanks to Lim Shermen, who showed the link to this GBWC 2012. I was indirectly involved in this project. At that time, when my Mom was in her early stages of stroke, I was looking for other means financially support the family (Well, it failed and now, I am the slave doing all the soldering […]

The Astronaut

This is an original sculpt from Toi Ogunyoku. He is selling the 34-part 1/6th model for USD219.00 and its very impressive. Go to his website and read up on impressive bio of this self-taught artist. Me, I do much want this model too but alas, my Wallet is not cooperating…

Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster

This is one of the few Sci-Fi Blasters that I love and it just looks to right. Anyway, I know you guys have seen this many times but I just want to post it up here on my FB Page. The video has a lot of facts and trivia which, I do not even know. […]

Cylon Raider by Barry Adcock

While I was searching for one of my videos minutes ago, I came across this beautifully painted Moebius Cylon Raider. He is using my Robot Raider Lighting System which makes me feel so happy today. As for the red lights on the sides and under the wings, it could from Fibre-Optics. Dang. Now I feel […]

The Chopper

Wow. What a name. Usually, then the word was spoken, two thing came up in my mind; a Motorbike or a chopping knife. And so, when I first saw this picture, it does look impressive. This is one of the few moments that make me take a second look. Sure, its a guillotine which in […]