Harold Ramis, RIP

Waking up this morning to discover the great man is gone did not really start my day. As I took it all in, only two thoughts came to my mind: There won’t be any Ghostbiusters, and Why did the Studio execs for dragged their feet on this? People wait and wait and wait. And when […]

The Last Days on Mars

I am not sure if this is a nice movie or not, but from the ConceptShips blog, the design for one of the crafts looks convincingly good. From the synopsis, the movie is about a crew who are 19 hours away from leaving Mars when one of them found signs of Life. Keywords are: Zombies, […]

KopyKats are at it again!

Long ago, in the movie props and model kits industry, it is very common for a much sought after item to be copied and reproduced. Even plastic kits were not spared. The moment that item leaves your hands, you’d know that sooner or later, its going to be re-casted. I am not going to touch […]

This is the latest news from Bandai at the 2014 Toy Fair in , thanks to Comics Alliance. Bandai’s latest offering, in a nutshell, are build your own plastic Action Figure and there are actually three Levels of the same figure. Form the Blog entry, here is what I understood: Level Height Price Parts 1 […]

Flames of War Central

Finally, thanks to Khai Dinny and Edward DrGunpla, here is a blog entry about the New Zealand’s Flames of War that is now locally produced. I was at this Factory many years ago while looking for resin casters. However, I only managed to talk to the Sales Manager but did not ask for a Factory […]