20230516: Modifying a Neon Indicator

20230516: Modifying a Neon Indicator

While I was in Pasar Road, I decided to get some of these Neon Indicators. There are a few sizes but I think these are the ones which might suit the Haslab Proton Pack. A moment of though: Why do I need to get these even though I know I am not going to open the Cyclotron?


20230516: Modifying a Neon Indicator
This is the smallest version of the neon indicator and above it are some 3mm LEDs.
See the black base? Depending on the glue used, I usually succeed by twisting the base open with a pair of pliers.
The brand of these indicators are Maxcon and they’re on the shelves since the 90’s
With the base opened, you can see the whole assembly which consists of a neon bulb and a resistor protected by a heat-proof sleeve.


The ends of both the neon and the resistor are to these solder pegs.
They are slightly twisted to prevent it from coming loose.
And on the outside, both leads are then crimped.
And there you have it. All I have to do now is to replace the neon bulb with a 3mm warm-white LED with clear lens and a current limiting resistor.
But since I have neither, they will be shelved for the time being.


These indicators would look great if paired with the appropriate colours but they, to me, would not look authentic. Plus, the clear plastic colours can be easily overpowered with LEDs of different colours. The neon bulb gives off an orange-ish light. So, to be more or less accurate, I would need 3mm orange LED with clear lens. But I would very much prefer a warm-white LED which is more towards yellow tint.

This is the ‘modified’ neon indicator with a 3mm white LED with diffused lens.
See what I mean about the LED colours overpowering the clear plastic colours?
Yeah, I think 3mm orange is the better choice.
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