20230822 The Razor Crest Front PCB

20230822 The Razor Crest Front PCB


And so, finally, the PCB arrived today. This is the final PCB for the Razor Crest and I can really start to test the whole system. I mean, I had it all planned and yes, I did skip the prototyping board stage since the circuit looked simple (at least I though it was) to save time. One year later, I am no closer to the planned final stages.

I am grateful to have a Day job now. But coming home tired and forcing myself to finish projects as fast as possible was never a good thing. The mistakes I’ve made have increased due to fatique, which also, festered the, ‘I am not going to care, just get it done’ feeling. So, in this board, there are some mistakes which I am quite angry because they can be avoidable in the first place. My not leaving any development notes did not help either. Then again, I find it tiring to just pick up a pen an write stuff knowing that in the near future, I will not understood what I had scrawled.


Upon opening the package, I saw my first mistake. The board should be finished in black instead of the default green. I did not take note of this even after I have submitted the order and the feedback image was in green. It should have been black. If you look at the board design closely, I have added a 2x5x7mm through hole LED aka LED3. The purpose was to be a backup LED for the SMD U$2 which, although was bright but would not throw any shadows on the ground.

Sadly, this LED3 was not supposed to be there as there is a extruded rectangular plastic on the wall of the cargo bay part. I will try if I can solder the LED on the other side but this would obstruct the twin 3mm red LEDs.

20230822 The Razor Crest Front PCB
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