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Notes and Technics used for Scale Lighting aka The Tools of the Trade

In the beginning…

After graduating with a Degree in Electronics. I did not expect to be soldering so much. My first brush with electronics was discovering my Dad’s electronic kit for a Radio. My first brush with soldering was being a junior member the School’s Electronics Club. The only significant event I could remember was holding a Chinese-made Soldering Iron which literally blew up in my hands minutes later. That and the fun I had with made in Hong Kong FM Mikes that were housed in a plastic cigarette box before learning about frequency drift and also, tweeters were directional. It was fun and eventually, things and assumptions resulted in me being an Engineer despite halfway through, I discovered I wanted to be an Industrial Designer. I realised this after being awarded an A++ (highest in the class) for a Term Project in designing a concept product.

To be honest, I was never much into electronics but it all changed one Wednesday afternoon in the early-90’s….

Fast forward decades later, I started to solder a little more seriously. Although it was less during my Day Job but more on my Hobby. And therefore, this was where I started to more or less hone in on that particular skill set. There are some notes that will be controversial but at that formative period, there was no one I could share about my questions and challenges. Right or wrong, as long as the soldering is good, I am happy with it. In this page, I am going to share with you the tools I used for this Hobby. And yes, although it is simple, I am still developing the electronics for that Tricorder…


Anyway, here are my Tools.

The Completed Projects of Piscean Works

Project Notes, Anecdotes, Technical Tips and, Last-minute and Lazy Shortcuts.


Battlestar Galactica


Machinen Keiger zbv 3000

aka Ma.k created by Kow Yokoyma-sensei


Star Trek

Star Wars



Fish Stories

Fish Stories

Fish Stories