20220929 The Afterlife Switch

20220929 The Afterlife Switch


Finally, with the KCD3 Rocker switch, I got the mock up ready. This is a 3D printed part which I downloaded when the original Author, Ben Millen uploaded it on Thangs in November, 2021. There are two versions to cater for the different designs on the rocker switch that you had.

I had a friend print one of the versions for me and I am so happy. However, when I played with it, the switch does not give me that satisfactory ‘click’ but more of a muted swing.

20220929 The Afterlife Switch
Going to need to add some plastic within the 3D printed part as I feel the hole was too deep in. Then I have to source for the metal tubing as right now, I am using a sut off wooden spike to hold the swtich in its place.


So, yeah, once I have the metal tubing and also suss out the clicking feel, I am going to get the parts printed again. Then I have to figure out how to cast them in red resin too.

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