I can bring it in warm, or I can bring it in cold…

I can bring it in warm, or I can bring it in cold…

And so, after 3 weeks, my Razor Crest has arrived, thanks to John Lester of Starship Modeler. He really packs his packages well. There are no dents apart from the normal transit wear and tear.

I can bring it in warm, or I can bring it in cold…
The boxart for the AMT is much more exciting than Revell’s but remember, this is the image of their model kit.

Are you insane?

Some would have questioned my sanity in getting the AMT version over the cheaper Revell. And at this time of the year, our Malaysian Ringgit got trounced by the US Dollars at 1USD to 4.58MYR. I am not even going to talk about shipping because from where I am, it is crazy.

But, let’s clear this once and for all. One of the real reason I got the AMT version was that it was much easier to get compared to the (elusive) Revell where I had to scour most shops in Europe, including the ones in the UK. There were either out of stock or, unable to ship to Malaysia. So, the moment John announced the kit, my mind convinced me that there is a spare kidney somewhere in the body we can sell.

AMT Razor Crest boxart
I wonder which Silver paint would be suitable…

What have I done?

Within a week of the announcement, Video reviews and images started to appear on the Internet. I was hungrily devouring all the available information. And to be honest, my enthusiasm kinda started to wane off once it was compared to the Revell kit. Although they were almost the same, the differences are quite, um, noticeable.

In a nutshell…

Both AMT and Revell did the Razor Crest with the latter coming out to market first. I won’t be comparing them since I do not have a Revell and so, the lists below are what I would personally consider relevant for what I am going to do with the model.


  1. Crisp surface details
  2. Has an interior
  3. You’ll need to cut out holes or get 308bit 3D printed parts to light up the Engines


  1. Soft surface details
  2. Has a bulge to take in the stand and someone will come out with the interior soon
  3. The Engines are designed for lighting
  4. It has Grogu in the Cradle
  5. Two version of decals

Was I right?

OK, the lighted engines was the main reason I got the AMT kit since it was designed for lighting. But so was Revell’s interior. And no, I am not going to get the Revell and use its interior on the AMT.

Anyway, I am going to open the package this weekend or the next since I really do not have the luxury of time for now.

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