Catering Machine No. 3

I got this model sometime ago in 2014 from ICW. The 1/24 Model uses the Suzuki ST30 as the base vehicle with extra parts and decals for different versions of the Mobile Catering vans in the series.

Debuted on October, 2013, this version is the Omatsuri Wasshoi from Aoshima #009222. As I am Japanese illiterate, I would say that this is the van which takes part in a wasshoi parade, as mentioned by a friend of mine. There were other versions on the shelves but I chose this one because it has a lot of lanterns.

My plan was to light it up in 2014 but I could not even open the box. But now, I hope to get some work done in 2015. Unlike other models, this time, I am going to do this model the opposite way; prepare the Van first and then add the wiring as the last stage before I start programming. Surprisingly, my progress was quite fast!

Anyway, here is a page from Hobbysearch with a finished model:

Aoshima Wasshoi 001
This is the Box art for the Wasshoi van. I wanted to make this as a white coloured van but because I do not know much about the wasshoi, its better to use the box art as paint guidance.
Aoshima Wasshoi 002
These are the main sprues to the van, which contains the basic chassis, wheels and the insides of the van. There are some unused parts such as the one on the bottom left, which is the details for a cooking stove and the extra rims on the top left.
Aoshima Wasshoi 003
Here is the wasshoi sprue, which lets you build the wooden stage, the drum and the figure, plus the extra lanterns.
Aoshima Wasshoi 004
Also, the decals that covers up the sides of the van…
Aoshima Wasshoi 005
Here are the clear parts and the ST30 body.
Aoshima Wasshoi 006
Of course, the isntructions as well.
Aoshima Wasshoi 007
For 1/24 scale, this van is quite compact and tiny. What I hated was the plastic thing at the top of the van. You can say, I made a very bad job of cutting it away….
Aoshima Wasshoi 008
This is the main reason why I chose this van instead. I wanted to light the lanterns!
Aoshima Wasshoi 009
Aoshima Wasshoi 010: Light blocking
Aoshima Wasshoi 011
Spent the whole day prepping up the parts of the Van.I only used one colour for the Seats, wooden stage and the roof, which is Mr. Colour’s #43 (Wood Brown). After the first coat, to create the slight darker colour, I mixed it with some matt black. Earlier, I used a matt clear coat for the wooden stage before swiping it with Tamiya’s Dark Brown Panel Liner.

For the seats and the roof, I forgo the matt clear coat and went straight with the panel liner after the darker brown coat.
Aoshima Wasshoi 012
I was so rushed with trying to get the body painted (but got lots of orange peels) that I forgot about making the hole for the turn indicators. So, now, I have to be very careful in creating the rectangular holes…. damn it.
Aoshima Wasshoi 013
Finally, the inside cabin of the van is done but I am not going to glue it all in just yet. This is becasuse I need to figure out how to run the wires from the front headlights to the back.

Ok, I ned to drill holes into the cabin and then through the back if I am to ‘hide’ them.
Aoshima Wasshoi 014
This is how I am setting up the rear lights. After spraying the rear with thick Krylon Fusion, I masked the front so that I can spray the clear red and orange. The reason I masked the front was because this side of the clear plastic would be use to glue the whole clear part to the Van’s body.

When all is dry, I drilled little dents into the masked off area so that the SMD LED can sit flushin there.

Wht did I do this? The middle hole is for the Van’s chassis to lock into and once it does that, there is no place to put the LEDs of any size…
Aoshima Wasshoi 015
Yeah, I am getting frustrated with painting the Van as in some areas, the pain looked uneven red. And mysterious white scrapes can be seen the next day or hours later even though I have been very careful with it. I am losing parience with this. Sheesh
Aoshima Wasshoi 016
This Van is literally make me upset. I should have done the electronics BEFORE applying the paint for this one. But on the positive note, Humbrol’s Clearfix actually attacks the Gaia Notes paints. The paints literally came off when I start to remove the extra clearfix on the surrounding scratch-built orange lens.

Even a thin line of Clearfix caused a mark in the paintjob. Grrr!!!

2022 Update: Clearly, this is what happens when I did not prime the model. At the same time, although I did prime other models, I would still encounter these scratches. Anyway, I am still not touching this damn thing even now. This is because I would need to strip the paint off the model and I am not experienced enough to do this.