MLEV-5 001 The Mars Hopper

Picture Courtesy of Scalemastes as I will upload mine later

This model first started out from a hamster ball before becoming a resin model. Thanks to Pegasus Hobbies, it became a full plastic scale model in as their Artist Signature Series.

The model is 1/32 and for anyone who is familiar with a hamster ball, it is huge. The copy I had was from Randy Cooper’s as the first batch was literally sold out at that time.

I like to describe the MLEV-5 kit as an opensource kit. This is because the model was never involved in any TV or Movie projects. In other words, you can modify or paint it in any way you want, modify parts and so on. Others could contribute by offering aftermarket parts or lighting systems to add detail to the model. And it would still be valid.

This model has been sitting on my Works Table since for years and every time I picked it up, more and more ideas would flow, thus making the previous plan look outdated. But I am not going to rush this model fulfilled all my wished.

Before we start, here are some YouTube videos and Facebook links to give you a better feel on the model.




Randy Cooper building his own MLEV-5 model kit

Do note that he also does sell parts upgrade for the kit. Anyway, the progress photos are in the below link:

The ‘Final’ images of the MLEV-5 from Randy Cooper’s Photo Album