Soldering Iron Stand

When you have a soldering iron, you need a jig or some makeshift stand where it can rest on. The soldering iron is hot and if left unattended, it can be very dangerous. This is my soldering iron stand and it has been with me for more than a decade. When I first bought it, the price was reasonable. I like this kind of setup because not only does it hold a reel of solder, it also has a pan for the sponge. The stand also allows you to build for a left-handed use.

My criteria for a good soldering stand is as follows:
The base has to be heavy
The material must be metal
It must be able to hold one solder reel
It must have a pan for dam sponge
The holder must be able to receive the iron without snagging
The holder must have holes cut out for ventilation

There are a lot of designs out there from a simple choice of a shaped wire to a setup as mine above. If you are going to solder a lot, do invest in a good soldering iron stand. Otherwise, a block of wood might work in a pinch.

This soldering iron stand has been with me for almost a decade. I am tempted to get a new one as the metal barrel which holds the soldering iron has rusted through. It sometimes catches and locks the soldering iron when I am pulling it out.