TOS Viper Mk. I


OK, I got the Moebius TOS Colonial Viper this afternoon, thanks to Bruce Toh. He said I am the second in Malaysia to get it as of today. Yeah, I am still in shock over that fact.

Since I have a bit of time before Dinner, let’s have another quick look at the model. This time, I will be sharing with you what interests me. And also, compare it with my re-tooled Monogram which was re-issued in the early 2000s. It might seem to be unfair comparing them but when the Monogram re-issue (done by Revell) came out during its day, it was the BEST improvement ever for a late 70’s model. The ‘new’ Viper gives you a (male) Colonial Pilot, a clear canopy plus an actual cockpit tub with clear thrusters parts as well. Well done, Moebius!

And for a more detailed look, you need to hop over to Bruce’s Scale Modeling Domain FB Page:


Moebius TOS Viper 001

Here is a brief shot of the two models, over a 20-years or more apart. So, you ask, why is Moebius Models’s box so, erm, compact? This, I have no idea but, it does make the design look consistent with the Mk. II’s and Mk. VII’s.
Moebius TOS Viper 002

The first thing you would notice is that Moebius Models’s version (top) has recessed lines compared to Revells (bottom). To me, this makes a lot of difference since I am a real butterfingers with any sort of sharp tools.
Moebius TOS Viper 003

The front intake of Moebius Models Viper has some very nice details to it compared to Revell’s which is just a gaping hole. Bear in mind, although this is a Monogram re-issue by Revell, this part was not re-tooled. In the original model, I was told by Doug Shepherd that this stores a small missile which can be fired by rubber-band.
Moebius TOS Viper 004

OK, here’s where things start to get familiar. Just like Revell (right) you will still need to make a hole for the LEDs to pass through.
Moebius TOS Viper 005

The Gas intakes of Moebius Models version (left) looks quite OK. Its the small valley-ring or crevice between the cone and the fan wall which gives the illusion that looks realistic. I don’t have the right words but I just hope you can understand what I meant. Once you peel your eyes away from that and look at Revell which now looks more like two parts stuck together and cannot be spun.
Moebius TOS Viper 006

I am not an expert in this area but hot-damn! The Moebius Models version (top) looks much believable!
Moebius TOS Viper 007

Monogram’s Cockpit (left) versus Moebius Models (right) Somehow, although they look almost the same, its the details by Moebius which looks good. But this does not mean Revell is bad since this part too only exists in the retooled version.
Moebius TOS Viper 008

This is, for me, the money shot where Moebius Models version (right) is the winner. As Revell’s main view screen is a hole, some would just rush by inserting the decal and insert the lights behind. This, to me, would make the screen very bright. Moebius’s on the other hand, is opaque plastic which, with proper light blocking, would not only diffuse the light but also dim it down a few notches.
Moebius TOS Viper 009

Moebius Models thruster (left) actually looks like the studio scale model. Again, I am babbling here since I am not an expert. But what I want you to know is that the clear plastic pieces looks much better, like some kind of a jet exhaust. Monogram’s reissue (Revell) looks good too but I just somehow prefer Meobius’s.
Moebius TOS Viper 010

Once we overturn the parts, the difference is quite obvious. This is where I love Moebius Models version (left). The clear parts are to be glued INSIDE.
Moebius TOS Viper 011

But when it comes to details, both versions are great.
Moebius TOS Viper 012

Yeah, Moebius Models version is slightly bigger.
Moebius TOS Viper 013

Here is what I meant by Moebius Models’s version. The clear parts is actually a single piece and actually is ideal for my Lighting System. It’s a bit unfortunate the the plastic pillars on the other side of the part had to be removed (or else they will not fit into the Viper) as they could be essential in holding up the LEDs.
Moebius TOS Viper 014

Like the Revell model, the engine section are comprised of three parts. At first, when I looked into the cavernous interior, I was afraid that everyone would need to use double-sided tapes but upon closer look at the clear parts, this is actually not necessary.
Moebius TOS Viper 015

OK, this is the last shot for the time being. I placed the Moebius Models clear parts onto the Monogram re-issue (Revell) Viper since I have done the Lighting system on it. And so, here is the result.

The top thruster has the Moebius part on it though. What do you think of the lighting effect?
Moebius Tos Viper 020

Just had some time to analyse the Moebius Models Mk. I model. And I am happy to say, its construction for lighting is the same as Monogram’s/Revell’s. So, this is going to be very easy. But the bad side is that I would need to do a complete re-write of the assembly Manual and not just add in more photos as I initially thought. Damn.
Moebius TOS Viper 21

Just fooling around while waiting for dinner and I realised that the Moebius Pilot can fit into the Revell tub. So, in theory, the MMI model (which is now on loan to Bruce Toh), which was designed for the Revell Viper, could actually fit into the Moebius Models Mk.I Viper!
Moebius TOS Viper 022

OK, Leon Easton, here is a shot of the Moebius Models Pilot in the Revell’s Cockpit. Looks good, man. This would also mean that MMI can still come out with their models. But a request to the guys at MMI: Clear Helmets? Please?
Moebius TOS Viper 023

And here is the Moebius Models Pilot inside his own Viper, after coming out from the Revell Viper. Crikey! Both Vipers are cramped, aren’t they?


Moebius TOS Viper Light Test 001

I have done something to the clear parts. Can you guess what it is? Look carefully as I hold it up against the light for you.

I wrapped some aluminum tape around the sides of the clear plastic. But the bottom left was untouched. The reason why I did it because I wanted the tape to reflect more light from the LED and also, its a natural light blocker.
Moebius TOS Viper Light Test 002

Its now very bright and I had to turn down the exposure on my Nokia n8. When the picture came out, I immediately saw the wonderful pattern as created by Moebius Models.
Moebius TOS Viper Light Test 003

Here is a close up on the top thruster. Looks like a snowflake, no?
Moebius TOS Viper Light Test 004

And so, here is the result. The picture looks a little bit dark and the LEDs dim, right? That’s because I have turned my Nokia n8’s exposure down as the bright LEDs made it hard for you to see the details.

The top and bottom right thrusters have aluminum tapes wrapped and so, they looked brighter. The bottom left does not and so, it looked quite dim and has a lot of light leaks. So, Bruce Toh, the aluminum tape works.
Mk.I and Mk.II Viper Test

Just came back last night and managed to cobble up the two Vipers for a light test. Somehow, I suspect that my Workload is proportional to the success/progress of my Projects. Man, its tiring.

Anyway, it seems that the Krylon Fusion Matt Black does its job of blocking out light very well. Unfortunately, in my fatigue last night, some of the paints got onto the ‘outside’ part of the Vipers, hence the black lines. Some over spray made the outside surface feel very rough, which is ok for the Mk.I but not the Mk.II. Bruce Toh is going to have a hard time getting rid of the excess Krylon on the Mk.II 😛

The reason the pictures looked dim was again, I had to tone down the exposure of my Nokia n8 due to the LED’s extreme brightness.
The BG Starfighter Lighting system has two modes. The nuBSG (left) and the TOS mode (right), both has different flicker patterns. I was thinking of letting the TOS mode have steady lights and then at the push of a button (Turbo), it would have the Turbo boost flicker. IT was fun but that would mean other people touching the model which the owners might not like. Stiil, maybe I’ll revisit that in version 2 on day.

I can’t remember much since this was so long go but at this time, the BG Starcraft LIghting System was already on sale and sold out many times.

This is the video for the MK I Viper, with the effect set to TOS, which is almost like it was using the Turbo Boost.

I get asked why did I programmed flickering into the Mk. I model and well, me reply was, if I did the static lighting, it would be boring. Also, seeing the video below, I just had to put it in.

The Turbo Boost effect was achieved by pumping liquid nitrogen out through a modified Vipers, which eventually got heated by the halogen lights, and incredible idea by John Dysktra.