The Cylon Centurion 98% Video

OK, this is a short video of the Lighting Module inside Bruce’s Cylon Centurion. I am not going to put the one where I used a turntable as the sound from the mechanism made the whole video sound corny. Ha ha ha ha. Enjoy!

Cylon Centurion Video

Good Morning, Folks, The Cylon Centurion Video has been uploaded overnight and now, here it is. Its still in prototype stage as one of the components was of the wrong spec. Please leave your comments or how we can improve it. Thanks.

Thoughts for the next few days

Just some planning thoughts for the next few days. Friday is a Public Holiday here and so, most of the shops are closed. But fret not as Saturday is going to be the most important day of all: Going to get some LEDs so I can prepare the remaining prototype boards for the TOS, MK.II […]

Female Robocop

OK, just a time-out for this one.After seeing Brad Hair’s link, it got me thinking. What if there is a Female version of Robocop? I searched the Internet for a design which I thought was the best but ultimately, it was his link that fits. Everything was as it’s expected to be, even on the […]

Iron Man Toy Arc Reactor

Most of the times, when it came to Iron Man Comics, they concentrate on the Armour. But in the first movie, then showed everyone the Arc Reactor. And boy, it was a must-have for everyone. Since I could not afford the replica prop, I decided to modify the toy instead. So, what you’re seeing here […]