Pardon my NERF

If I were to do NERFs. That is, IF I were to do NERFs as in actual springs and barrels, etc. I would be using the formula below. But since I am more interested in their shells, I am not doing NERFs nowadays. But the formula is interesting. Just scroll down on the link page….. […]

The Mk. III Viper from JT-Graphics.

See something you like, boy?This is the Mk.III Viper from the ‘Blood and Chrome’ Web-series and well, since its been shown, I guess this is now considered canon. Which makes the rest of the Mk III models that came before, unofficial. Want to see how big she is, boy?Head over to and you get […]

The Repulsor Prototype

OK, The prototype is ready to show to the Client just now. However, though the idea was good, we settle for a normal lit pair of Repulsors and two Arc Reactors, which I need to come up before April if I can since the ‘show’ will be on at that time. In the meantime, this […]

Its… Repulsive!

Good Morning folks! Sorry for the long delay as this 2 minute video needs more than 3 hours to load. No, I’m fine with my 384kbps Streamyx, just that we cannot justify the cost of paying additional RM100 or more for the Unifi (where the video can upload in minutes) since we’re not exactly on-line […]