Pegasus Lighting Test 001

This was the post that cause it all. Anyway, what I am showing you here is the basic core of the lighting circuit for Mr. Gecko aka The Beast aka Pegasus. Once its expanded with control circuits, there will be a lot of LEDs when its done. However, as advised, I cannot reveal too much […]

A depressing announcement

OK. This is going to disappoint some people but I really need to say this. Its not about the depression brought on by the lack of response to this page nor the miniscule feedbacks. But its something else. I have overcame lack of R&D funds, broken HDDs and even gone to some debts. But throughout […]

Iron Man 3 USB

Well, well, well! What do you know!I was just doing some light surfing before going to sleep (again) and saw these cute little USB Flash drives over at eBay. Yes, the Arc Reactor looks good but for 16GB it is a little too overpriced. Then again, with the movie coming out in what, three week’s […]

A big box of… what?

Just ordered a big roll of Fibre optics which costs me a lot. I am just worried on how big it is and whether it will be stopped at Customs. I mean, how much trouble can a 1cm x 1cm x 1cm 2.0kg (4.409lb.) box bring? Unless… it was a typo :O :O :O :O […]

The Robot Raider has reached Starship Modeler

Just a Heads-up, guys. My Robot Raider Lighting System has reached John at Its for the 1/32 Moebius Advanced Cylon Raider model kit. So, please help spread the word and I can get up another batch. Yes, I hate to admit it but it does help in development & manufacturing for the coming Pegasus […]