Time to Reflect

I really hate this. All through my Life, it was always a miserable pattern from joy to despair. Sometimes, I feel really, in an angry way, towards people who does not have much ‘resistance’ in their Daily Life. Just a day after my most Happiest Day as a Star Trek Voyager Officer, my NAS’s HDD […]

Product update: The Robot Raider

After speaking knocking both our brains together, I will continue with another run of the Robot Raider boards but I’ll do them on the second half of the year if I can. Right now, I have rebuilt a temporary PC and so I can program some more chips for the Robot Raider. In a few […]

The Viper Project

First of all, I must apologise for not able to show you guts the lit Mk. VII PE cockpit as promised because, well, we’re in a rush to get the products ready and so, I have passed all the three Vipers for Bruce to complete them. Yeah, he looks very pleased despite coming down with […]