Do you really want that poster?

Just found out more information about this Star Trek poster. Its actually a LIMITED EDITION IMAX poster created by Mark Englert, who worked with Gallery 1988, Bad Robot, Paramount Pictures and IMAX (to launch the FANFIX™ program). Its also a the first IMAX FANFIX print as the background has a red star field. The second […]

TOS Enterprise Bridge re-issue

I am not so into this TOS model kit, even before JJ Abrams stepped it. But when news of a re-issue and some new parts, I am all ears. Last time, Bruce and I tossed some ideas on this one but now, here is another, ‘Red Alert’ lighting. Yeah, that is, if I can force […]

By your Command!

For decades, I have missed out all the Monogram Battletstar and especially this particular Cylon Raider. When Monogram re-issued the models in the late 90’s I have all of them except, yes, the Cylon Raider. Hopefully, soon, it will come back in full cycle…. This was taken from CultTVman’s site:

This is Industria Mechanika.

Picture of Michael Fichtenmayer (aka FichtenFoo) at Wonderfest. These are great events but too bad, it not possible for me to attend nor even set up shop there. I am eyeing his T-Zero racer. One day, my friends, one day…

Just a little rant.

Star Trek:Into Darkness is a great movie. Really. What I hate was those who complained about it not being accurate to TOS or even measure up to William Shatner’s Kirk and even hated the JJPrise. Well, sucks to be you. This is a franchise reboot and what better to start off in an alternate timeline. […]